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January 19, 2008


Smarty Panks

People don't understand the hustle of the whole "rich dad" poor dad business. Yes, its a great book. However...only a mugu will go pay $5000 for some guy to lecture you how to be rich. Can't you see that this is the actual hustle of Robert kiyosaki himself? His hustle: Write a seminars and charge people $5000 a head.

You're better off using the money for start-up capital. Unless ofcourse they are going to teach you how to write a bestseller and host $5000 a head seminars. Want to be a millionaire: host a $5000 per person seminar and invite 2000 people. Bang! Millionaire in one weekend. Recognize the true hustle.

Mola OG

Smarty Panks (wonder how u got that name :))
of course its a hustle... however, there may be some things that can be learnt by going to the seminar... but if you go there hoping to get a magic pill, word or secret that will automatically allow you to become rich or successfull without puting smart work and the right attitude in, you will be waisting your time and money going for the workshop... no seminar or workshop will make you successful...
again its definitely a hustle, but it is a successful hustle... if you listen to the content of the video and you understand the context, you will learn something you can apply...

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