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July 20, 2007



I agree with you 100% about David Beckham just coming here to chill and live in the US. Who can blame him? He'll get more family time and more money. He's probably making jokes about how stupid they are for paying him so much to come and 'show face' and play like he's in practice. Its not like they got him at the peak of his football career.

There is a limit to how big 'soccer' can get here. Americans love what they can call their own e.g "AMERICAN Football".

Beckham and Posh love the limelight a little too much. I think they're such a hot couple but they should be careful because the stupid paparazzi is on another level in yankee. That coupled with the whole hollywood craze has a reputation of messing up marriages.

Mola OG

plus he is probably tryna get into hollywood to start making movies... hmmm, the whole thing is a very good move for him...

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