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July 24, 2007



the pictures of that shark is pure Exaggeration haba!!!


The picture of the fish while impressive is not as impressive as the guy with the block of ice. Notice how the one in front is not tied down, he is supporting it with his legs. L O L

Mola OG

LOL u r right the guy is using his knee to hold the ice down... the fish one is Maddt too, it looks thirsty... on the outside...


Referring to the 1st pic : Please don't tell me those are chickens. Ohhh myyyy...that looks nasty. This one don pass okada oh.


Men uve been blogging oh, where have I been?!! This is what u call extreme okada!

Mola OG

LOL @ extreme Okada! u and ur terms...

Inuke davis

and they say nigerian okada is dangerous.
These pics spell hilarity!!!

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