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April 12, 2007


hey cutie

Inuke davis

worldly, normal and healthy young man might see it as an opportunity to put his bid in (so to speak), in the hopes of smashing that ass and after wards go on about his business. If he is a religious individual, he might condemn her actions and might even attempt to rebuke the stank demons that reside within this young lady. A man that is a sucker for love might see this woman and think that she needs to be SAVED, he may get angry at all the men who have slept with her (thinking that they forced her hand) and will advice her to stop the behavior and during the course of rendering advice, he might fall in love with this female. A young man with a pimp mentality might see this female and ask himself "I hope she is getting paid accordingly for all this ass she is giving up" and may step to her in an effort to recruit her into his stable so that he can help her get paid. So all the above mentioned guys will act according to whatever meaning their mindset has defined.

wow this is so true.

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