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August 25, 2006



havent been here in a while...nice stuff u hve here, will keep an eye and ear out for her....thanks for the info xx


I just checked out her music. Oh mi god..I love it so much. i can't find the cd though.

Mola OG

The Album is not out yet, but she has a CD out with 1 or 2 songs, you can click on the Amazon link below the Post


I love Nayo's music! she rocks!
Hmm....mola/just not ok...I suspect u r friends/cousins wit her cause first u write about 'stone crown' - her brother's business, now her music...confess!


I agree...they are both very talented...I was playin around...


Nayo's video is out on her myspace page. Please check it out when you get the chance!



Damn! This Nayo girl is one fine chick oh.. Where can I buy her CD? I just love her voice and those lips


Check out her upcoming concert in London at!!!!

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