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Welcome to notjustOk - Someone or Something that is worthy of notice.

Since its inception 2 years ago, the focus of notjustOk has evolved. Currently, notjustOk is dedicated to exposing material or people involved in Nigerian entertainment, media and art (that are worthy of notice).
On the notjustOk blog, you will find a number of videos, music, Q&A (Interviews) from several remarkable Naija artists/entertainers and movers. Along with the material, the notjustOk blog will also write up some articles on the industry state and provide some ideas on how to improve the music/entertainment industry in Nigeria as a whole.
With the growth of nollywood in the global market, notjustOk is convinced that the same destiny awaits the Nigerian music industry. With that in mind, notjustOk is focused on adding what it can to the growth and evangelism of Nigerian music and entertainment online, hoping that one day the industry becomes a force to be reckoned with on a global level.